Year 1

Year 1: growing up before our eyes

Meet the teacher – Miss Kaur

I always enjoyed Maths lessons at school and I had an inspiring teacher. I suppose that’s part of why I wanted to be a teacher myself; I wanted to be able to inspire others and make a difference to children’s lives. It’s a rewarding job.

At KSA, I’m really lucky to work in a great team. We’re supportive of each other and work together to provide the best for the children. They make it great too, particularly their behaviour. But my favourite thing about the School day at KSA is teaching phonics. We all sit on the carpet and work from the Smartboard. It’s really engaging and my class love it.

Our Year 1 Curriculum & Newsletters

As you would expect both Maths and English are developed in Year 1 as well as Science being more of an everyday element of lessons. We’re also looking at:

  • History: changes in everyday life including clothes and jobs
  • Biology: seasonal change and how it affects plantlife
  • Geography: how the World is understood through maps

Year 1 is about moving to a more structured learning pattern and creating interest and understanding in core subjects that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Read more in our Long Term Plan below.

Year 1 Long Term Plan 2018-19

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