Our Staffing List for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

NameClassOther responsibility areas
Mr License
Acting Principal
Class Teacher
Year 5Accounting Officer
Parent/carer queries*
Mrs Rai
Assistant Principal
Class Teacher
Year 2Designated Safeguarding Lead
English Lead
Parent/carer queries*
Miss Lucas
EYFS Class Teacher
Ms Kaur
Teaching Assistant
ReceptionDance Lunchtime Club
Mr Lewis
Teaching Assistant
ReceptionFootball Lunchtime Club
Mr Geraghty
Class Teacher
Year 1
Mrs Sasin
Teaching Assistant
Year 1Reading Lunchtime Club
Mrs Deore
Teaching Assistant
Year 2Games Lunchtime Club
Miss Myers
Class Teacher
Year 3Science Lead
Mrs Kaur
Teaching Assistant
Year 3Mathletics Lunchtime Club
Miss Walsh
Class Teacher
Year 4
Miss Gilligan
Teaching Assistant / HLTA
Year 5
Mrs Nau-Berry
Higher Lever Teaching Assistant
KS1 and KS2
Mrs Patel
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
KS1 and KS2Computing Lead
Ms Rudd
School Administrator
Chief Finance Officer
School OfficeChief Finance Officer
Mrs Laydon
School OfficeAdmissions
Ms TalbotSchool OfficerBook Keeper
Ms SilvaLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs SinghLunchtime Supervisor

*Please note that although our Acting Principal deals with queries from parents and carers, they should in the first instance be put through to the Class Teacher. If they are not able to help, then the matter can be escalated to our Acting Principal.