Sports, Music and Dance

Lunchtime Clubs

We run lunchtime clubs every day during term time. There are a range of free and paid for activities to take part in such as recorders, choir, Make Music Yours, board game club, Mathletics and dodgeball…and that’s just some of them!

Lunchtime Music Clubs are paid for via the Music Inspirations website.

After School Clubs

Clubs run 3.30 to 4.30pm with pick up from Reception.


PE Partner run after school sports clubs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These range from football and gymnastics to dodgeball. They are booked and paid for via the PE Partner website – look for the ‘parents’ link. To speak to PE Partner, please call 0113 322 6115.


Music Inspirations run our weekly music and theatre group. This can be booked and paid for via the Music Inspirations website. To speak to Music Inspirations, please call 0113 400 1077.


DAZL run our dance classes including streetdance, cheerleading and bouncedance. Classes are booked by calling DAZL on 07519 018675 or email