Update 23rd May 2020

We can confirm that we will be inviting children from Reception, Year One and Year Six back to school from Tuesday 2nd June. We look forward to seeing our families and friends again shortly.

We know that you will have many questions, so we have put together the FAQs below which will hopefully help. If you need anything else, please do ask.

When is the school opening and who for?

We are open for Key worker children on June 1st only. On 2nd June, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are invited back into school. We will again work with the guidance provided by the government and local council to phase in other classes where we can. Please note this will be based on building and staffing capacity restrictions. We aim to reduce risk wherever possible, but re-iterate the fact that we cannot eliminate it.

What hours will school be open?

During this phased return and for the rest of the academic year, we are only able to offer school hours of 8.50am to 3.30pm.

Is school still open for children of key workers?

Absolutely. We’re extending our opening hours for children of key workers to 7.45am to 3.45pm. Please try to drop off and collect within these times. They will have their own ‘bubble’ and cannot mix with their class. If you are a key worker and your child is in a returning year group, you must decide which ‘bubble’ you would like them to be in.

How will you social distance the children?

The government and local council have given us guidelines and we have implemented these to the best of our ability. You’ll see new signs up and markings on the floor etc. Primarily we’ll be using the ‘bubble’ model which means that we have reduced classes (no more than 10 will fit in our rooms when spaced out as the guidelines advised) and they’ll have a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant. The older children in school will be expected to social distance a lot more, whereas younger children may find this difficult, hence reducing the amount of children they come into contact with. Please note: this may differ to the normal class teacher.

What’s the ‘bubble’ model?

It is a way of keeping a small group together all of the time to limit who else they come in contact with. They will only access one classroom, work with the same two members of staff and will have staggered lunchtimes. The creation of these ‘bubbles’ will be done when we know which children are coming into school.

Will children be ‘told off’ if they forget to social distance?

This is going to be new and unusual for everyone. We’ll all try our very best and any children who need it will be reminded but not told off.

Will adults be wearing face masks?

The guidance provided to schools explains that they should be avoided for both staff and children unless intimate care is required and social distancing cannot be completed.

What is the plan for school cleaning?

During the May half term, the school is undergoing a deep clean. Cleaning will continue after school as normal and we have limited the use of rooms to allow cleaners to spend longer in each delegated area. There has been an increased cleaning schedule over lunchtimes to clean classrooms, corridors and toilets.

Where do I drop off and pick up the children from?

Each bubble will have a dedicated entrance/exit. This will mean that you will enter the school site either from the car park or pedestrian gate that brings you onto the lower playground. Please stick to the allocated areas and follow social distancing. Photos will be uploaded for you to see and staff will be outside on the mornings to help you out. We ask parents to stay in their cars, where possible, on drop off and allow the staff to assist your children.

Can my friend pick my child up if I’m stuck at work?

To maintain the class bubbles and to follow the guidance provided by the government, only someone from your household can pick your child up. If you are going to be a little bit late, please call school so that we can organise a solution together.

My Year 6 child used to walk home. Is that still ok?

Yes, but please contact the school office to confirm this.

What will the children be learning?

The children will not be continuing with the national curriculum objectives. Teachers are busy over half term preparing projects, outdoor learning opportunities and more. Do not worry about your child being ‘behind’ as it is our job to focus on the gaps in learning in September. Our curriculum follows a spiral pattern, so we re-cover concepts and build upon prior learning.

Will there be smaller ‘group’ work?

Not at the moment as children will always be within their bubbles. However, within smaller classes, it is much easier for the teacher to work with individuals on areas they need the extra help.

Will online learning continue?

On 1st June, we will be focussing on updating our online learning for the classes who are not returning (Year 2-5). Following from that, we hope to update Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 where possible, but this may not be from the class teacher.

What about playtimes?

They will be staggered so that only one or two classes are outside at once, within the zoned areas. We hope to spread out further onto the fields in nice weather.

What about lunchtimes?

Our team from Catering Leeds will be in school as usual with food prepared on site. It will be a reduced menu and to start with we will be operating a ‘grab bag’ system which will include an item of hot food and something like a piece of fruit or dessert. The great thing about the grab bag is that we’ll have the option to be able to take food outside to enjoy the fresh air. Meals will be vegetarian as usual and cater for all our allergies and dietary requirements. Payment for school meals is the same as before. If children would prefer to bring in a packed lunch, they can. Lunchboxes will be kept with school bags etc. and stay within the ‘bubble’ classroom area.

Click here for Grab Bag Menu

Please note: All children need to bring their own water bottle to school every day. This should also be taken home each night to be washed.

If I get free school meal vouchers, will that stop once children return to school?

These will be replaced by the usual lunchtime meal for those in school and who are entitled to free school meals.

Will the children be wearing school uniform?

To make an unusual situation seem a bit better for the children, we have decided to opt for non-uniform for the rest of the academic year. This also gives families more options for clothes which can be changed and washed daily. Children should wear something comfortable which is practical for project work in classrooms but also for outdoor sports.

Can I pop in to the school office to ask a question?

We would prefer that interactions be done by telephone for the time being. If you need to come into the school office, please be aware of the social distancing markers. We are only able to have one person in at any one time so please be patient.

Do I have to send my child into school?

Parents have the choice whether to send their child(ren) into school. Many parents are unsure of what to do at this time and that’s fine. If you would like a personal phone call with Mr License, please message him on Class Dojo and we’ll do our best to help as much as possible. We will be sending a survey around to gauge how many children are initially returning – this will help us decide on who is in each ‘bubble’.

If you decide to wait for a week or so before sending your child back in, please contact the office as we need to ensure we adapt the ‘bubbles’ and have sufficient staffing.

I’m going to send my child in. If they’re ill, for example they’re sick one evening at home, do normal rules apply?

Yes. All usual rules for sickness and absence apply. So, if your child is coming in but is then sick, please let school know as early as possible.

What about First Aid?

Again, First Aid will continue as usual but the school office staff will be wearing the appropriate PPE required. If your child needs to go home, they can be collected from the school Reception area.

Have any of the teachers had Covid 19?

As far as we are aware, we are all fit and healthy. Some of our staff and their families have been shielded due to underlying health conditions and we will continue to observe this in some respect as they return to work. So, there may be a couple of teachers who are getting on with jobs around school and primarily keeping out of everyone else’s way. We have had the odd occasion where we have self-isolated to be on the safe side but primarily we are all doing well and looking forward to seeing the children back in school.

The government have said that anyone from the age of 5 can be tested?

That’s the advice we have also heard. There is more information from the government here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-getting-tested

Will you be routinely checking everyone’s temperatures?

The guidance provided to schools has not asked us to do this. However, rest assured that anyone who is showing any symptoms of anything will be given First Aid as usual. Please bear with us though if we do need to ask you to pick up your child because we’re unsure and whilst we’re all getting used to everything.

If anybody can’t access Class Dojo, please e-mail Mrs Laydon at info@khalsascienceacademy.org.uk and we will sort your account out.

Once again, thank you for all of your support and kind words over Class Dojo.

Best wishes,

Mr License

The following information is from when school was closed. We will leave it here so you can access links etc.

From Monday 23rd March 2020, we will be closed following the UK governments instructions regarding the coronavirus outbreak. We have not been provided with definitive information regarding dates when schools will re-open and how that will be managed.

We will maintain our honest and transparent approach: what we know, when we know it, you will know. However, please bear with us throughout the closure whilst we process things as best and as fast as we can.


The Government have updated the Safeguarding guidance for schools during the coronavirus outbreak. To find out more, please click the link below:


Letters Home

Update regarding phased opening – 18/05/2020

Letter following Ministerial Briefing regarding ‘easing’ of Lockdown – 11/05/2020

Update from Deborah – 05/05/2020

Letter reassuring parents – 26/03/2020

Letter for key front line workers with children

School closure for Coronovirus March 2020

Letter for those eligible for free school meals March 2020

Keeping everyone safe on social media

The following guides may help you to navigate parental settings on some commonly used social media apps.

House Party

Tik Tok


Let’s talk about our mental health…

Everyone is having a tough time at the moment. It’s always good to talk about how you’re feeling, whether your a child, sibling, parent, carer, neighbour, postman… Have a look at the following guides to help get you and your family talking about how you feel.

Children’s mental health

Maintaining good mental health

Hardship Fund

We have set up a Just Giving page for those who would like to support our families during this time. If you would like to donate, please visit Just Giving KSA.

For information on how to access the fund, please speak to Sherrelle Poole at school.

We have also been very kindly contacted by Cassini Properties who are offering to support any of our families who have found themselves to be struggling by providing them with a shopping voucher. Please contact the School Office who will then pass your information on to Cassini Properties.

Frequently asked questions

We will update this with answers to the questions you are asking as over the coming weeks.

Page last updated 11th May 2020.

Is school open to support key front line workers?

Short answer – yes. As far as possible, we’ll be here to help support you. Be open, tell us what you need and we will likewise tell you what we can do. Please remember however that our staff have their own families to think of so we will be as flexible as we possibly can.

Are meals being provided to families who qualify for ‘free school meals’?

Our school meals are provided by Leeds City Council. They have made provision for children who qualify for free school meals to collect a lunchtime ‘grab bag’ meal from their school.

We have spoken to all our families and orders have been placed where needed. We continue to support the families and providing information as we have it.

Updated: We are putting everything in place to switch over the the Government’s supermarket voucher scheme so that we’re ready when we received the ‘Go Live’ email.

What happens about learning?

Whilst children are off school we will be endeavouring to keep a level of learning going. We will of course need your support and know that you will all do your best.

Teachers will provide you with work either every day or every few days. This may be enough to keep the children occupied for the whole day or a whole morning – it really depends on capabilities and focus levels, as well as priorities at home and for your family during this extraordinary time. Do what you can.

We will be providing you all with details of websites such as Twinkl where there are plenty of things to access. Sometimes, you may just need craft ideas or puzzles to occupy them and it’s all on the Twinkl website. Plus the children will be able to make use of the Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars websites as usual. We’ll be on social media providing ideas too.

How will you receive work for children?

Primarily we will be doing this through Class Dojo. If you’re not on there, contact the school ASAP to get the details. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure everyone is sorted with things to do from their regular teacher.

Remember that we are due to be on Easter holidays soon so work will only be provided during the time that we should have been open. Further term dates are on our website.

What if the teacher is sick during the shutdown?

At the moment, we’re all fine. However, we are all in regular phone contact with each other and someone else will pick up your child’s class and get the work to you. This may take us longer than normal so if this happens, please bear with us.

Teachers will send the correct amount of work home that they think is necessary. Should you wish to supplement through one of the websites we will provide you with, that is up to you.

What if my child or someone in the family is unwell and circumstances change?

We are a close-knit community and we hope that you all stay safe and well. If someone is ill then do whatever is best for your family. Wherever necessary, we will catch up with learning when school returns. Do what you can but do not struggle.

What if I feel like I’m struggling to manage everything?

If you ever feel like you’re struggling to manage your child’s learning at home or, for example, you rely on school meals for them once a day, then get in touch. We’re more than happy to have confidential conversations with you to try and work something out. We’re available on Class Dojo, social media messaging and email as usual so please do not hesitate to reach out to either your class teacher or Mr License. We will do everything in our power to help you.

My head is spinning and we’re all worried at home

Have a look at the MindMate website which has lots of tips and ideas to help everyone at this unusual time.

How will I get information from school?

We will keep social media channels and the website up-to-date throughout the closure period. If you have any questions, please use social media or Class Dojo as necessary.

Returning to school

When we return to school, we will need to know if anyone has been affected by the virus. This includes anyone that they have been in contact with. We will contact you nearer the time and take advice from Department for Education and the staff at 111. Remember that the team at 111 are your first point of contact should you think that yourself or anyone else has symptoms. They too will talk you through dates for self-isolation.

What is happening about exams?

This is one where you know as much as we do. When we know what is happening, we will provide guidance.

What about Year 6’s leaving party?

We will organise something just as soon as the UK is told that we’re ‘back to normal’ and it’s safe to do so.

When will we find out about the new school name?

Suggestions are currently with the Trustees to review. We will aim to stick to the same timescale we had previously planned (i.e. change for September) but will take into consideration everything that is happening at the moment. Please be reassured that we will not put in place anything that is going to cost families a lot of money during this uncertain time. More information when we have it!

What are the web addresses for the sites recommended by school?

Here are the sites we listed on the letter home. However, there are hundreds of similar sites so if you feel that you’ve done everything you can, please feel free to move to others that you’ve spotted on social media or that a friend’s children are using for example.

Mathletics – https://login.mathletics.com/

Times Tables Rockstars – https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth

Twinkl – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/sign-in

Ed Shed – https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/login

Phonics Play – https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/amember/login.php

PE Partner’s YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCusMrDGjLgNJqiKASS3Peow