Our Reception Class: intelligent, excitable, caring

Meet the teacher – Miss Lucas

Why did you want to be a teacher?

There is so much variety to a School day, so many opportunities to inspire and influence the younger generation. At KSA, we’re lucky to have very high standards of beviour which makes coming to work really great. The children are so polite and eager to learn, the staff are so supportive – it’s easily the closest, friendliness team I’ve ever worked with. Plus, as well as the children being able to learn and grow, I’m given every opportunity to continue my development too.

Did you like School when you were growing up?

I loved it! My favourite thing was our’Butterfly Garden’, our outdoor classroom which a lot of Schools now refer to as ‘Forest School’. It’s something I’m bring to my class now at KSA.




Our Reception Curriculum & Newsletters

Along with all the things you would expect like improving Maths and English, we’re focusing on:

  • Understanding our World and the people in it
  • Exploring Art and Design
  • Learning about Health and Self-care

We want our children to leave Reception having improved their skills around making relationships and manageing their feelings as well as building upon their already very positive self-confidence. Read more in our Long Term Plan below.

Reception Long Term Plan 2018-19

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