We are supported every day by our Board of Trustees. They bring to our School a wide range of skills and knowledge which help to challenge and drive forward our continual strive for excellence. We thank them for everything they do for KSA Primary.

The Chair of Trustees can be contacted through the School Office on info@khalsascienceacademy.org.uk or via telephone 0113 887 3680. Please address written correspondence to the Chair to the usual School address: Fir Tree Rise, Alwoodley, Leeds, LS17 7EZ.

Name Date appointed & termCommitteesSpecialism
Harnek Singh
12/11/2014 – 12/11/2022Premises, Finance & Marketing Business management
Rebecca White
Vice Chair
SEN Lead Govenor
26/04/2018 – 25/04/2023MarketingTeaching & Learning
Hardev Singh Sagoo12/11/2014 – 11/11/2022FinanceFinance
Jatinder Singh Mehmi12/06/2014 – 12/06/2022Sustainability
Rashpal Singh Sagoo
19/04/2018 – 18/04/23MarketingCommunications
Richard Berry19/04/2018 – 18/04/23PremisesFacilities management
Vicki Morris12/04/2019 – 12/04/2024Teaching & Learning
Stuart Jolley
Safeguarding Lead Governor
13/03/2019 – 13/03/2024FinanceSafer recruitment
Amrik Sindhar11/03/2019 – 11/03/2024FinanceFinance
Sukhdev Singh03/05/2019 – 03/05/2024Teaching & Learning
Quality auditing and improvement
Jordan License
Accounting Officer
Associate Trustee
01/01/2019 – on-goingFinance & MarketingTeaching & Learning
Sharon Rudd
Chief Finance Officer
Associate Trustee
25/02/2019 – on-goingFinance, Premises, MarketingBusiness management

Khalsa Education Trust is made up of three ‘Members’:

Hardev Singh

Palvinder Singh

Jatinder Singh Mehmi

Trustee Declarations of Interests

NameFinancial InterestPersonal InterestsGovernance Interests
Harnek SinghManaging Director of DBS Marketing NoneNone
Rebecca WhiteNoneNoctua Local Leaders for Education support role from Beeston Primary SchoolVice Chair of Governors at Lane End Primary School since 2016
Hardev Singh SagooNoneNoneNone
Jatinder Singh Mehmi Chair of South Asia Arts UK – rent rooms at KSA Primary for music lessonsNoneParent Governor at Carr Manor Primary School since 2015
Rashpal Singh SagooDirector at Box Media Studios LtdNoneNone
Richard Berry
Vicki Morris
Stuart Jolley

Amrik Sindhar
Sukhdev Singh
Jordan LicenseNoneNoneNone
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Governors' Annual Effectiveness Statement

KSA Leeds – Annual Governance Statement 2018

KSA Governance Structure

Governance Structure

Attendance at Meetings

Trustees have good attendance at meetings overall. Apologies for non-attendance are considered on an individual basis: trustees are aware though the code of conduct that non-attendance, which includes apologies not being accepted, will result in the removal of a trustee six months from the date of first non-attendance.

KSA Leeds – GB 2017-18 Attendance Table

Upcoming meetings

Trustee Meetings Please refer to the events page. 

KSA Trustee Application Form

If anybody is interested in applying for a trustee role within the Khalsa Science Academy. Please download the application form linked below.

Khalsa Trustee application form