Please refer to the following frequently asked questions, as they may answer some questions you have about Khalsa Science Academy.


Are you a faith school?

No, Khalsa Science Academy is a Sikh ethos school, not a faith school. This means that the School is underpinned by the Sikh values ‘Respect for all’ and ‘Seeing all human beings equally regardless of background, creed or gender’. The ethos promotes equality for all faiths and non faiths too.


What makes you a Science Academy?

As a School, we are proud to promote science to the highest level. Exploring and enquiring are skills which children are taught and reinforced throughout their time here.

The Crest Award program is delivered throughout the School, where all children are taught further scientific skills additionally to the curriculum. At every opportunity, the children are given the experience to partake in science beyond the classroom, through the use of trips and visitors.


Does the school offer transport in the mornings and afternoons?

Khalsa Science Academy works closely with an outside group, Link CS, to help parents who have difficulty in transporting their child to school. We currently collect pupils from two pickup points, Bradford and Chapeltown.  Should you require any further information regarding transport to and from School, please contact the School Office on 0113 887 3680.


Do you have a Breakfast Club or After School Clubs?

We have both! Breakfast Club runs from 8.00am to 8.50am Monday to Friday. Speak to the School Office about After School Clubs and how to book them.


Why do my child’s school lunches have to be vegetarian?

The school provides hot food to all pupils. Hot meals are vegetarian as the School believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The meals while vegetarian will be nutritious and tasty. Should parents wish to provide their child with a meat option they are welcome to do so.

Butlers Pantry Menu 2017


Do I need to be Sikh or adopt Sikh practices to come to the School?

No, the School respects all backgrounds and all are welcome.


How do I sign up to Khalsa Science Academy?

Please refer to our Admissions Page. If you would like a hard copy of the application form please visit the School Office. If you would like to visit the school and talk to the Principal or the teachers, then please contact the school and arrange a time.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the school.


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