Here are some of the questions we most frequently get asked:

Are you a faith school?

Short answer: no, we’re not. We were developed by a group of like-minded individuals from the Leeds Sikh Community so people often get us confused with a faith school.

The School is underpinned by the values ‘Respect for all‘ and ‘Seeing all human beings equally regardless of background, creed or gender‘. Our ethos promotes equality for all faiths and non faiths too. It’s about being part of a family, a community, and looking after each other as we learn together. That’s it in a nutshell.

Why do you champion Science?

As a School, we are proud to promote science to the highest level. Exploring and inquiring are skills which children are taught and reinforced throughout their time here.

The Crest Award program is delivered throughout the School, where all children are taught further scientific skills additionally to the curriculum. At every opportunity, the children are given the experience to partake in science beyond the classroom, through the use of trips and visitors.

Do you have school transport?

We have two school-subsidised minibuses operated by dedicated drivers. One picks up/drops off at locations around Leeds, the other in and around Bradford.

Cost per child depends on the distance of your house from the school. Fees are paid in full at the beginning of the academic year or, in special circumstances, by agreed monthly installments.

For further details, please speak to the School Office who will put you in touch with the relevant driver.

Do you run a Breakfast Club and After School Care?

We have both! Breakfast Club runs from 8.00am and After School Care finishes at 6.00pm. We also have many after school clubs running which help to extend the school day for working parents.

Are your school meals vegetarian?

We cook high quality hot meals on site which are available to everyone – including the staff! Meals are vegetarian as we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle. However, ‘vegetarian’ doesn’t mean they’re not really tasty and filling.

Should parents wish to provide their child with a meat option as a packed lunch they are welcome to do so.

Please note: We do not allow nuts on site due to severe allergies.

Do you have a nursery for my youngest child?

We hope to have our nursery open by Easter 2020. You can register your interest on the dedicated Nursery page.

Do I need to be Sikh or adopt Sikh practices to join the School?

Not at all. The School respects all backgrounds and everyone is very welcome. We thrive on diversity and getting to know and understand lots of different cultures.

Can I have another copy please?

If a letter didn’t quite make it home or you would like an additional copy, just ask at Reception and we’ll sort you another one. Likewise, if you would like a printed version of anything on the website then just ask.

If you have problems reading or understanding anything that we have provided, give us a call or speak to the School Office and we will find someone who can help you.

How do I sign my child up for KSA Primary?

Please refer to our Admissions Page. If you would like a hard copy of the application form please visit the School Office. If you would like to visit the school and talk to the Principal or the teachers, then please contact the school and arrange a time.

My child can’t speak much/any English – is that a problem?

Not at all. As well as the teachers being able to support your child’s learning, the children are so friendly that we find that all new starters have fitted in by break time and are happily getting on with things.

Plus, our diverse range of pupils, staff and wider community friends means that we usually have someone who can help you, your children and your wider family.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the school.