Who are we?

Who are we?

One Big Happy Family

We pride ourselves on being a happy Primary School. Everyone is welcome, all ideas are encouraged and confidence is built. We’re a community of individuals from many different backgrounds who come together to make up one big happy family. We celebrate diversity, we make room for everyone and we all love coming to School every day. Come and see for yourself – give us a call on 0113 887 3680 and arrange a visit…we’ll put the kettle on.

Still growing

Like all of our pupils, we’re still growing. Why? Because we have a lovely new School building which we purposefully designed to give us room to grow. Plus, we’ve got lots of green space for playing and exploring.

What’s great about Science?

Admit it, science is great isn’t it? If you think about it, everything is based on science. It gives us a really good way to question everything – so, if you have a child already in our School and they keep asking “Why?”, well sorry, that’s our fault. It doesn’t mean that we only study Science here or that anyone has to be a Science wiz to join us, it just means that we build the confidence to discuss, investigate and question.

Strong foundations

We pride ourselves on creating a strong foundation for learning and developing as an individual. You may have heard that we’re a Sikh School, people often get that confused. Although we are based on Sikh principles, we are not a faith-based School; rather it means we are considerate, welcoming, kind and open to how we think about things. And what’s not good about that way of thinking?

Any other questions, just give us a call or pop in to say “Hello”.