KSA Learning



Learning at Khalsa Science Academy is very strongly shaped by its Sikh ethos which runs throughout and underpins the culture and curriculum of the school. We are driven by our Golden Rules – KHALSA- Kind, Honest, Achieve well, Lead, Share for All humanity, to ensure our children develop into confident, resilient and happy young people who exhibit self-discipline, respect and good manners.  We set out to ensure that all our children are enthusiastic, engaged and motivated and experience a curriculum and learning environment to foster a love of school and learning. We expect our children to reach their full potential and achieve outcomes which prepare them effectively for a successful secondary education and future employment, and encourage our children to actively demonstrate tolerance, fairness, respect for other faiths, and the rule of law.

We are very much focused on providing our children with an international perspective and as such our teaching is underpinned by the International Primary Curriculum with a focus on STEM (in particular Science) where we believe through investigative learning, we seek to give our children the confidence to think for themselves.

We expect our children to make good progress from their very different starting points and go on to achieve the very best outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics. We also expect them to be successful in a much broader range of outcomes in that they are positive learners, self-disciplined, good attenders, punctual, respectful, healthy, fully aware of the dangers of the 21st century and enthusiastic participants in the range of extra-curricular activities that the school offers.