Welcome to KSA Primary!

At KSA we believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life, which is why we hold high expectations for all our pupils. Through interactive play and investigative learning, we seek to give our children the confidence to think for themselves and develop a natural curiosity in the world around them. 

We are very much focused on providing our children with an international education and as such our teaching is underpinned by the national curriculum with a focus on STEM (in particular science) and Spanish. We believe that both STEM and language skills will prepare our children for the 21st century, which in turn will allow access to some of the best opportunities available to them as young adults.

At KSA Primary we welcome all children regardless of their backgrounds or faiths and we aim to help all our children develop a lifelong love of learning, which will support them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

We are not a faith school. We are firmly committed to developing our pupilsunderstanding and appreciation of the diverse world in which they live.